Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Right Rise Review (

Hello Readers,

Today I want to reintroduce a program called Right Rise. It was started on 29th of October 2016 and added to AlexNews on 12th of November 2016. This is a big budget program and was launched with some very popular monitors. There are already many big investors has joined this program and joining are still going on. Let’s see what is the opportunity is being offered by Right Rise.

Right Rise has an attractive website and it’s little different than other traditional HYIP templates. Most of program highlights their investment plans in the homepage but Right Rise has paid attention to the quality of design. By the way, investment plans are also described well at their homepage and it would be good to create a dedicated page describing their plans. Unfortunately, there are no live chat agents that you can learn more about their investment plans but they have phone numbers, support form and an unpopular messenger named “telegram” to chat live. Well, visitors will really like their webpage and it would be more impressive if they would add a video presentation also.

Right Rise has a different type of investment plan. Actually it’s not an investment plan, you have to buy shares from then which cost $30 for one share and will earn 1% to 3% variable interest daily. If I write it like HYIP investment plan then it’s 1% to 3% daily for an unlimited time. Minimum deposit is $30 and there is no maximum. There is no way to withdraw the principal after a specific time. There is a booster system to boost your daily interest which required some additional tasks like bringing referrals while investing big amounts and investing daily. I don’t think boosting interest will not be an easy task for general investors. So, you have to be happy with their regular interests per day.

We have seen many programs with same investment plans even my last review about XABO was offering almost same plan. The difference is here you’ll be paid for life long (not your life, it’s program’s life. Lol). Well, there is no information about average paying percent per day but from last 6 days I’ve measured that the floating interest will be around 1.5% per day. No doubt this is a long term investment plan and investing a big amount will bring a fair profit here. Fortunately, most of profit share programs live for long time specially which launched with some dependable HYIP monitors.

I’ve already talked about the build quality which was quite good. Other technical specifications are also impressive. The member area is based on a custom script and it was built nicely with a clean and easily understandable interface. I can see many additional menus which were not present in common HYIP scripts. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from CloudFlare and the website load very fast. Extended Validate SSL from COMODO which not only provide a secure connection but also give a standard look for a website. In a word, their website looks professional from the inside and outside also.

Finally, there is no doubt that the admin is enough serious about their project and also I can see that they are updating their website daily with latest news and adding more features. The project is aged only 41 days and from my experience this kinds of project run for a long time. It’s somehow safe to say that this is a promising program to invest. We should keep faith on big projects and I’ll suggest you to join Right Rise if you are looking to invest in a HYIP by accepting the common risks. But, please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Right Rise here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

XABO Review (

Hello Readers,

I hope you are doing well. Nowadays, no HYIP programs are surviving for a longer time. Even the most promising looking programs are being scam in a short time. Today I want to write about a program called XABO which is running from 172 days. XABO was started on 29th of May 2016 and added to AlexNews on 11th of November 2016. I’ve reviewed several old programs recently but most of those were started with a “small daily paying plans” and then was switched to high profit paying plan. But XABO is still running on same plan which it was started with. I believe that this program is still able to run for more days.

There are some simple logics behind my opinion about XABO. This program was started very silently although some HYIP Monitors has added this program for free from the first. But program admin was not purchased any of HYIP monitors from the first. They have added few monitors on 2nd week after they’ve started and from then they are adding monitors occasionally. On the other hand they are also doing huge advertising nowadays. No doubt that they’re collecting good amount of investors right now. As I think their advertising campaign will run for long time and there are also many popular monitors are remaining to add for promoting their program. Normally, a HYIP program don’t run away when their advertising campaign are running and these kinds of programs always do the best advertising over the HYIP Industry. These logics are simple calculation but may not always happen in real but we have to accept this risk to make profit in HYIP Industry.

XABO is offering a flexible earning percentage which is up to 5% daily until you capital reach to 150%. Minimum investment is started from $10. Since last 172 days their average daily profit was 2.98% daily. In this speed it will took around 50 days to reach the capital at 150%. 2.98% is a standard rate but investors can earn more by spending big amounts. From $10 to $1000 investments will get the standard rate and from $1001 to $5000 investments will earn 1.05% more than a standard daily paying rate. If XABO pay 2% profit tomorrow then an investors with $1000+ investments will get 2x1.05 = 2.1% profit tomorrow.

We’ve seen many programs which pay variable earning percentage. Fortunately, most of those were run for long time and were a successful program for investors. No doubt that this plans attract big and serious investors but may not attract small investors. However, 50% net profit in 50 days is still an attractive plan and not less than that a standard HYIP pay. This is also profitable for medium investors but keep in mind that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $1. If you invest too small like $10 - $30 then you may not able to withdraw your earnings daily. By the way, all payouts get processed instantly.

The website of XABO looks ok but missing a background color/image. When I opened their website first time I thought it wasn’t loaded fully but I got confirmed after 2-3 reloads. The homepage has all necessary information including average daily paying rate and details of investment plans. There is a video presentation provided and some video testimonial is available also. The member area is based on a custom made script and it’s designed well. The member area is also provides good details of investments and profit rates. Website is hosted on DDoS Guard which also provides strong DDoS protection. Standard SSL is available but an extended validate ssl could be more impressive.

Well, XABO has spent enough money to build their website and now spending for promotional campaign. No doubt that it’s a big budget program. If you are regular in HYIP industry then I’m sure that you have not missed their ads. As I said they’re collecting good amount of investors right now but sometimes huge investors join in a program at once and program admin run away because he doesn’t expect for more money. But right now there are not so many investors exist in HYIP industry and XABO hasn’t collected too enough yet. It may be safe to join this program now but please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join XABO here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Saturday, October 08, 2016

CryptoFinance Review (

Hello Readers,

Critical time is going for my blog and also for HYIP industry. My blog’s condition is worse than the HYIP industry. Actually, I’m passing a crucial time in my practical life and not able to take care of my blog. But I promise that I’ll be back in few days and I hope the glamour of HYIP industry will also be back in the meanwhile.

For now, I want to reintroduce a program called CryptoFinance. This program was started on 7th of August 2016. It’s a big budget program but was launched almost silently. May be they’re also waiting for a good time in HYIP industry. But it’s already 60 days has passed and CryptoFinance is near to complete their 2nd cycle of payments for the first plan. It’s a very good starting already but I think it is still on starting stage because this program is not so popular yet and hasn’t earned enough investments yet. If it wants to gain more popularity then it must have to open a new promotional campaign with more monitors and with more advertising and have to stay for more long time. So, there is still a lot of possibility is left in this program.

CryptoFinance offer both of middle term and long term plans and has 4 investment plans right now. Plans are – 0.75% daily for 30 days, 0.9% daily for 50 days, 1.7% daily for 90 days and 1.9% daily for 120 days. Deposit will be back in the first two plans but deposits are included into payments in third and fourth plan. Minimum investment is started from $20 but unlike other long term plans, CryptoFinance has kept all plans in reach of general investors.

There is 22.5% profit at the very first plan and the deposit will be released after 30 days. 22.5% may not look like an attractive return of investment but when the amount of investment will be big the amount of profit will also look handsome. But if you want to earn higher profit with smaller amount then you can choose the 2nd plan. 45% after 50 days still not look so attractive still you can earn double than first plan if you’ve patience. By the way, 2nd plan is required minimum $100 to start with.

If you want to invest $500+ then you have enough options. You can invest in first 2 plans or may look at the third plan where the profit is 1.7% but the term is 90 days. Deposit is included into payments. Total profit is 153% after 3 months. 100% of the investment will be back in 59 days. So, real profit will be started from 60th days.

Anyway, although all 4 plans are in reach of general investors I’ll suggest to invest in first 2 plans only. On 3rd plan, there is not much extra benefit than the 2nd plan has and 4th plan is too long term though the profit is significantly high. By the way, CryptoFinance accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash and OkPay for making deposit there. Payouts will be processed manually.

Technical specifications are impressive as we can expect from a big program. Member area is most possibly based on a custom script or might be a highly customized version of GC script. Hosted and strong DDoS protection is taken from OVH. Extended validate SSL from COMODO with an identification of Austrian Corporation. A program with these configurations will easily gain attention of big investors. The design of their website is simple but attractive and looks expensive. A video presentation is also provided. In a word, there is no weak point at their build quality and everything is built with first class elements.

Well, I already said that CryptoFinance is a big budget project. The creator/creators has spent enough to build this program but hasn’t spent enough for it’s advertising yet. I think they’ll must run an advertising campaign but as I said just waiting for a “good time”. You also can wait for a “good time” or can invest there before the advertising campaign start. However, my prediction can be wrong and this project may stop paying on any given day. So, please invest less than you afford to lose.

Join CryptoFinance here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Real Capital Review (

Hello Readers,

It has been a long time I was inactive in my monitor. HYIP industry is also unstable in these days. Most of promising programs are being scam in a short time. It’s look like that investors can’t keep faith on admins and admins have also lost their faith on investors. However, some short term programs are doing well in the meanwhile. Today I want to write about Real Capital which is a short term investment program and it’s enough popular already.

Real capital was started on 19th of August 2016 and it was started as a mid term investment program. From last some days it has switched to short term investment program. This program was started with small promotional activities and was not so popular until it has switched to short term program. To be honest, it has started strong promotional activities just after switching to short term program and as you know advertising is the main strength of short term program. Real Capital is big budget program and has gained enough popularity till today. Some popular monitors have done a great job for this program but still it’s not the best program at present.

As I said, Real Capital was started with a mid term investment plan – 2.2% Daily for 10 days and principal back at the end of the term. We’ve seen many plans like this and many of those were successful. Now they’ve changed their plans as – 104% to 150% after 1 day, 120% to 330% after 4 days, 160% to 650% after 8 days, 260% to 1250% after 16 days and up to 10,000% after 180 days.

Minimum investment is started from $10 and the maximum is $100,000. Every plan has some sub-plans. For the first plan- from $10 to $300 investments will get 104% after 1 day, $301 to $800 will get 106% after 1 day. You can see the full details on their homepage. Thanks to Admin that he has kept full details about their investment plans on their homepage. Otherwise you’d hope for 150% after 1 day and after sign up you’d see 104% after 1 day. This is the reason that we see many investors sign up but don’t investment in a program.

Well, there is not enough to say about short term plans. Most of regular investors already know how to deal with a short term program. If you are new then just invest a part of your money (which you’ve decided invest in HYIP) in the shortest (after 1 day) term and be happy with the first outcome. Regular investors may invest 2-3 times because they’ve idea about the lifespan of any short term program. Also some investors may try their luck in after 4 days and after 8 days plan. However, I strongly recommend to new investors to invest in the very first plan only.

The design and specifications of Real Capital are very good. A smart design which is very similar to other short term program. Member area is based on Golders Script and well modified for a better look and user experience. Hosting and DDOs protections are taken from Extended Validate SSL for verified identity and secure connections. Unfortunately, Real Capital doesn’t have any live chat/phone support. Filling a support form is the only way to contact admin or support team. By the way, now big programs are using video presentations and it’s being a sign of big projects. Real Capital has chosen tools that used for big programs (it’s big budget program also) and adding a video presentations or video reviews could be more impressive.

Finally, Real Capital admin has tried their best to make an exceptional program. Enough money is spent for building and promotion. Now, investors have to move forward and have to keep faith on this Admin. No admin open big programs just for hit and run only. But investors have to create an environment that big projects last long. Real Capital has passed only 4-5 days as after switching to a short term program and after starting their promotional activities. It has to survive more days to become a successful program. But, investors have to show that they still have faith on promising programs. By the way, please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Real Capital here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

MiaRoi Review (

Hello Readers,

MiaRoi was started on 13th of June 2016 and added to AlexNews on 8th of August 2016. This program was started with average advertising campaign but now this program is being monitored/promoted by almost all popular monitors. I could tell this is a big program but there are not so many big investors has joined this program yet. It’s already 59 days has gone after launching this program and MiaRoi is about to complete their 2nd payment cycle but it can be a steady start for this program.

MiaRoi has a good looking website. At least it looks good on my monitor. The header part has 7 different images changing in every 3 seconds but it would be more impressive if those were being change with an animation. There are fair amount of details are present on their homepage and if anyone still looking for more details then he will found some reasonable description on "ABOUT US" page. Investment plans are described at the middle of the homepage and those are explained in details so there were no needed for any program calculator. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or skype chat option available to contact their support stuff or admin. There is a phone number available to contact them but I don’t think this is better then live chats. Support form is available after creating an account and mailing is the only way to contact admin if you don’t have any account there already. I wanted to say that a video presentation would be more impressive but I found a video presentation and 2 video testimonials on their facebook page! I can’t understand why they didn’t add those at their website. However, it looks like they’re active in social media (they also have a separate page for publishing news) but they don’t have enough fans there.

MiaRoi has 2 investment plans – 6.8% daily for 30 calendar days (but profits will be paid on business days only) and 108% after 7 calendar days (or 1 week). Minimum investment is $10 and the maximum is $60,000 for both of plans.

Investment plans are already described well on their homepage. 6.8% daily can bring up to 150% after 30 calendar days. But you have to be little careful about the day of investment. If you invest on Sunday to Wednesday then you’ll get 22 business days in 30 calendar days but if you invest on Thursday to Saturday then you’ll get 20 or 21 business days. So, if you make your investment on Friday then you’ll get 136% total profit after 30 days. And if you invest on Thursday or Saturday then you’ll get 142.8% total profit after 30 days. 108% after 7 days don’t have any extra calculation.

MiaRoi accepts 3 payment processors right now and I don’t see any hope for adding more payment processors for this program. Payment processors are as usual – Perfect Money, Payeer and BitCoin. But there is no doubt that this 3 payment processors are more than enough to cover the full HYIP industry. All deposits and withdrawals will be processed instantly.

Member area of MiaRoi is based on GoldCoder’s script but it’s modified a little for a better looking interface. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from which is the most popular in HYIP industry for reliable DDoS protection. Extended validate SSL is also provide for a secure connection and it’s also a sign of big projects. The build quality of their website is also compact.

Finally, MiaRoi has everything needed for a program called ‘most popular’. In my opinion more advertising will made it more popular. They’ve added almost all popular monitors now they can start a banner advertising campaign. By the way, I think this admin is already an experienced person in HYIP world and he will take proper steps on proper time to make his program more popular and to run long time. Right now I can suggest investors to join on Sunday to Wednesday to get the full profit from this program. But, please invest only less than you afford to lose.

Join MiaRoi here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bytes Capital Review (

Hello Readers,

Bytes Capital was started on 6th of July 2016 and added to AlexNews on 15th of July 2016. Although this program has open threads in HYIP forums on 6th July but some popular HYIP monitors are showing different starting dates. Actually, this program was started with few monitors and was not so popular from the beginning. But now they’ve aimed to gain some popularity and added some popular monitors recently. To be honest, Bytes Capital looks like a qualified program and will be enough popular with proper advertising.

Bytes Capital has an impressive website with lot of pictures and details on their homepage. But there are no moving objects or scrolling animations are present on their website. Actually, they’ve used the usual theme used for long term programs but adding some high quality pictures has made a little difference. Providing a video presentation could be more impressive for visitors. However, they’ve paid attention to social media and a got lot of response there. 5700+ likes for their facebook page and more than 10k followers in twitter prove that how much they’ve promote their program on social media. Bytes Capital has 8 regional representatives right now from 7 different countries but I’m sure that they’ll add more representatives soon. Still, live chat with direct agents (or admin) would be better option than regional representatives. However, it seems like that the admin has opened a thread on MMG himself and has answered some questions already. By the way, all other options and menus on their website are working fine and there is a professional touch on every page of their website. This website is available in 8 languages, but still missing the Russian language.

Bytes Capital has one and only simple investment plan which is - 4% daily for 48 days. Minimum investment has started from $10 and there is no limit for the maximum. All small and big investors will get same 4% daily from their investments. Thanks to admin that, there are no irritating “business days” and investors will get paid on every calendar days.

There is not enough to say about their investment plan. It’s a very simple and extremely profitable plan. 192% is the total profit where 92% is the pure profit. BEP (Break Even Point) will be reached on 25th day and your real profit will be start coming from 26th day. No doubt that this is an attractive investment plan and will produce big profit for even small investments. Interestingly, you’ll get a downloadable share certificate from them after opening an account there.

Bytes Capital is accepting 2 payment processors right now - Perfect Money and BitCoin. I’m almost sure that they’ll add more payment processors soon. Actually, this program was accepting only BitCoin to invest there when it was launched. They’ve added PerfectMoney later. So, it’s safe to say that they’ll add more payment processors soon. All deposits are instant and payouts will be processed manually in less than 24 hours. Keep in mind that there is a minimum withdrawal limit which is $1.

The member area of Bytes Capital is most possibly based on H-script or may be a custom made script. They’ve claimed that they’re hosted on Unfortunately, I couldn’t verify that but they’ve DDoS protection from CouldFlare. SSL certificate is present and provided by COMODO.

Finally, Bytes Capital is a promising program and the admin is also serious about his program. It has every element to become a “hit” program just the proper advertising is required. Actually, this program is still on their starting stage and we can’t predict anything clearly about it. I hope we’ll see huge adverting over HYIP industry for this program very soon. But it’s safe to say that this program has a bright future because they have a well decorated website and attracting investment plan. But don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Bytes Capital here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas

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Monday, July 04, 2016

Allinol Review (

Hello Readers,

Allinol was started on 4th of September 2015 and added to AlexNews on 29th of June 2016. This program was started silently and without any advertising or HYIP monitors. There are still not so many HYIP monitors are monitoring/promoting this program right now but there are many investors have joined this program recently. Also many investors are talking about this program but can’t make any decision as this program is not so advertised and never came to limelight after launching.

Some serious investors were dared to invest big amounts in this project and have brought this project in limelight. Is Allinol dependable or not? Let’s take a look on its build quality and investment plan before we take any decision.

Allinol has a good looking website though not extra-ordinary. I’m almost sure that the design of their website was changed later but I couldn’t collect the information about their first look when the website was launching. However, the current design of their website is made by a theme which is being regularly used for most of long term paying programs. There are no moving objects or animations and no videos are present in their website. Investment plans are detailed well at the “hotspot” of the website and a simple profit calculator is also provided. All other necessary information is also provided as usual. There is a live chat button on the top-left corner but it was not working when I clicked there. No phone numbers or skype chat option, sending emails and the support form are the way to communicate with the admin side. By the way, all other links and buttons are working perfect and there is no other types of faults were found on their website. (Their domain is “allinol” and the project is everything about oil (fuel), was “allinoil” a more suitable domain for their project?)

Allinol was started with 3.5% to 4% daily for 60 days but the current investment plans are more attracting than earlier plans. 5% to 7% daily for 30 business days and 111% after 7 calendar days. Minimum investment is started from $10 and the maximum is $49,999. Higher investments will get higher rate but fortunately the term is same (30 business days) for all sub-plans.

From $10 to $499 investments will got 5% daily for 30 business days. Total profit 150% where 50% is the net profit. 30 business days means around 42 calendar days. Break Even Point (BEP) will be reached on 20th business day or in 28 calendar days (4 week). 50% in 42 calendar days will bring a good profit for even small investments also.

From $500 to $1999 investments will got 5.5% daily for 30 business days. Total profit is 165% and the net profit is 65%. BEP will be reached on around 18 business or 26 calendar days. I have seen many investors who have chosen this plan. A $500 investment (the minimum for this plan) will get $325 profit after 30 business (42 calendar) days which is really attractive.

111% after 7 days is also looks very promising and reasonable. Minimum investment is started from $50 which may out of reach of very small investors. Most of long term paying programs add unreasonable “After Day” plans but Allinol have added an “After Day” plan where peoples will invest their money. By the way, 11% after 7 days is better than 50% after 42 days. If you continuously invest in this program only then it will provide 66% after 42 days which is better than 2nd plan where you have to invest minimum $500. (The only problem is you’ll lose all your investment at once if the program stopped paying suddenly but you’ll get at least some % back on other daily paying plans if the program not stopped paying on the very first day after you invest.)

Allinol accept 4 payment processors – Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and BitCoin. Deposits and withdrawals are “Instant”. They’re also offering 3 level (5%-3%-2%) referral commissions for their affiliates.

Technical specifications are good. Member area is based on GoldCoder’s script. Unlike the homepage, member area is designed very well and fully customized for a new look. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from DDoS – Guard which is popular in HYIP industry for strong DDoS protection. SSL is also provided and taken from COMODO CA.

Finally, although Allinol was started without any advertising but it has passed 304 days already. Keep in mind that they’re also paying a high interest per day. I’m not sure when the plans were changed but it was paying at least 3.5% per day. It’s not so easy to run such a program for a very long time by paying high profit regularly. No doubt that the admin is enough experienced and a wise person in this field. They’ve found many big investors recently and still paying with stability. I think they’ll start a huge advertising campaign very soon and will be one of most popular program of 2016. On the question of dependability, I’d like to say that Allinol is a dependable program according to its activities. It was their technique that they’ll start silently but will be getting popular by time and Allinol is on the right way. By the way, don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Allinol here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Business Angels Review (

Hello Readers,

Business Angels was started on 16th of May 2016 and added on AlexNews on 12th of June 2016. It’s a big program and it was launched with good promotional activities. Some big and regular investors have joined there already but no doubt that it will be more popular with time.

Business Angels has an attractive website. It has a professional touch on every part of this website and all necessary details are placed on proper place. Investment plans are detailed very well and an extra-ordinary calculator is provided also. A professional video presentation is provided with subtitles. You know, a video presentation can be managed in just $5 but this one is exceptional. Business Angels has paid attention to communication system. There are lots of way to communicate with their agents and admin. English and Russian phone numbers, live chat on website and via Skype, email address and support form. They’re also active on facebook page, facebook group, twitter, instagram and vk. Adding some regional representatives would be more impressive. By the way, this website is available in 5 languages – English, Russian, Spanish, German and French.

Business Angels is offering only one and simple investment plan – 1% to 4% daily for lifetime. Interests will be accrued on business days (Monday to Friday). Minimum investment is started from $10 and the maximum is $10,000.

This time interest rates will not increase with the amount of investment, $10 to $10000 investments will get same profits per day. But the rates will be increased 0.5% (up to 4%) daily. The very first day, interest will be 1% and on 2nd day the rate will be 1.5%, on 3rd day it will be 2% and finally the increments will be stopped when the rate will be reached to 4% per day. There is an advanced calculator is provided on their website to make the calculation simple.

If we calculate the risk ratio then more than 100% of investment will be returned in just 28 days which looks promising according to the class of this program. And more than 100% net profit will be earned in just 53 days. In a word, this investment plan is very attractive and profitable.

Business Angels accepts 6 payment processors which are – Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, Qiwi, Nix Money and AdvCash. Seem like they’ve paid attention to Russian investors as Qiwi and Nix Money mainly used by Russian investors. Also there is an option of investing in Rubles. All deposits and payouts will be processed instantly. By the way, they’re also offering 12% referral commission which is a good news for affiliate marketers.

Technical specifications are topnotch. A totally unique and self-made script has used to manage the member area. And this member area looks better than any other readymade scripts. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from DDoS-Guard. Extended Validate SSL from Thawte which is costly than normal Comodo RSA.

Finally, this admin has spent more than enough already to build their website only. No doubt that Business Angels has come here to run for a long time. It has every of those elements which make a qualitative program. I’m sure that they’ll start huge promotional activities very soon and will get noticed by serious investors. But as you know it’s better to join a HYIP as early as possible so it will be better if you join before their advertising campaign start. But, this is just my own calculation about this program and it may not match with admin’s calculation. So, please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Business Angels here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Sunday, June 05, 2016

20DailyCoin Review (

Hello Readers,

20DailyCoin was started on 23rd of May 2016 and added to AlexNews on 26th of May 2016. This program is being monitored (advertised) by many popular monitors and has got average response from small investors. Actually, investment plans of 20DailyCoin will not be able to attract big and serious investors but it can be an attractive program for small and medium investors.

20DailyCoin has an average looking website. It’s a traditional template which used for “After Day” and hourly paying programs. Investment plans and the background of investment plans are the main decoration of this website. Unfortunately, investment plans are not described well and the calculator is also not working at all. A full site’s statics can be something to mention but there is nothing else to talk about. However, as you know most of “After Day” and hourly paying programs don’t spend for their website’s design but still get succeed at the end. So, this simple and ordinary design of 20DailyCoin will not tell everything about this program. Also, the design of website can be changed anytime if the admin wants. If we tell about its performance then this program is running from 13 days and still paying instantly to all their investors. You know, hourly paying programs come with a short life but some of them can be an extremely profitable program for some investors.

20DailyCoin was offering 3 investment plans when it was launched – from 0.21% to 0.85% hourly forever, 20020% after 25 days and 20200% after 8 days (principal back!). They’ve added (and still adding) more plans later. Needless to say that, only hourly paying plans looks fine and other plans (including new VIP plans) looks very weird. Minimum investment is started from 0.001BTC (around $0.5) which is an ideal amount for small and very small investors.

From 0.001BTC to 1BTC investments will get 0.21% for 24000 hours or we can tell it 5.04% daily for 1000 days. Also principal will be back at the end of the term! I know, no one will expect to get the principal back even will not expect to get paid for 1000 days. I’m just telling their offers. Well, no doubt that this plan is an ideal plan for small and medium investors and the “return of investment” is also promising. Hourly and Instantly paying option has made this offer more attractive. If we calculate the risk ratio of this plan then, 100% investment will be back in 476 hours (less than 20 days) and real profits will be started from 477th hour. So, you can invest here and just wait for 20 days and then start counting your profit till program’s lifetime. By the way, 5.04% per day is a reasonable return if you just forget about the term.

If 1BTC (around $570) is a small amount for you then you can try their 2nd hourly paying plan where you’ll get 0.23% hourly for 24000 hours. You’ll get 5.52% daily here which is 0.48% more from the first plan. I think 0.48% increment will not attract investors to invest big amounts. Finally, the first one is best one to invest and I even don’t want to discuss about other “After Day” or VIP plans.

20DailyCoin accept 3 payment processors which are – Perfect Money, Payeer and BitCoin. You know, these 3 payment processors are enough to cover full HYIP industry. Deposits will be counted in BTC figures, member area will also be shown in BTC and I already mentioned that all payouts will be processed instantly.

Technical specifications are not so important matter for hourly or “After Day” paying programs but 20DailyCoin has a great configuration. Member area is based on an untouched GC script. Hosted on a dedicated server from KoDDoS which also provide a reliable DDoS protection. Extended Validate SSL from COMODO. Some registration paper is also available for this program.

Finally, 20DailyCoin can be an ultimate choice of small and medium investors. No doubt that the admin has targeted small and inexperienced investors. But the admin himself is an experienced one and has spent enough for promoting his program in HYIP industry. I know many investors like hourly paying programs and many of hourly paying programs were successful in HYIP industry. This admin also look like serious about his program and may run his program as long as possible. But don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

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Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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