Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Transport Alliance Review (

Hello Readers,

Transport Alliance was started on 23th Of February 2018 and added on AlexNews on 6th Of March 2018. I've $200 investment in this program for monitoring purpose. There are a fair amount of investors have chosen this program but not so many big investors. Transport Alliance is paying very high profit in a short time and I think that is why not so many big investments were made here. However, the total sum of investments is still a big amount and new investors are joining regularly. So, the program hasn't lost its attraction yet.

The website of Transport Alliance looks nice and professional. The main attractions of this website are the images and sliding. There are some extra menus present in this website which we'll not see on regular HYIP sites. If you're little curious about cryptocurrencies (as Transport Alliance accept those) then the "BUY BITCOIN" menu can be useful for you. By the way, investment plans are present and described well at the proper place on their homepage. A useful "plan calculator" is also available though the plans are so simple. Rest of the website is also full with some standard articles and other site data. The website is fully compact without any error or broken links and its look like created by a professional person/team. Unfortunately, there is no video presentation/review available in the website. Communications also have some lacks as there is no Livechat option or skype/telegram available to contact quickly. But they've a twitter and facebook page with some activities.

Investment plans are simple and highly profitable. There are 4 investment plans which are - 8%, 9%, 10% and 11% daily forever. Principal is included in daily profit. Minimum investment is allowed from $25 and there is no limit for maximum investments.

From $25 to $4999 investments will get 8% daily forever. No doubt that this is the key plan for this program, other plans need at least $5000 to start with. I think there is not much explanation is needed for these plans. 104% of investments will be back in just 13 days and the real profit will start from then. So, all you need is - invest in Transport Alliance and wait 13 days then start counting your profit. Keep in mind that this program is running from last 23th Of February and it has paid a good amount of profit to them who were joined early.

By the way, there are 3 more plans which require big amounts to start with and I want to suggest you to avoid those plans. Transport Alliance accepts Bitcoin, LiteCoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash & Payeer to invest in their project. Withdrawals are Instant.

Technical specifications are OK. Transport Alliance is based on a licensed GoldCoders script which some modifications. Hosting and Ddos protection is taken from cloudflare. SSL is present for secure connection between the user and the server. An EVSSL would be more impressive.

Well, most of standard HYIPs (which pay at least 8% per day) pay for a limited time. But Transport Alliance is paying 8% for lifelong which may produce a big profit. The admin is also looking serious about his project as he has chosen the best promotional strategies. But predictions are not always work in HYIP industry so invest less than you afford to lose.

Join Transport Alliance here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Hello Readers

BITTANK LTD was started on 7th of June 2017 and added to AlexNews on 27th of August 2017. It's a popular program but not so many investors has joined yet. It's a big budget HYIP, at least the concept is very big. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to attract serious investors and I'm really seeking the reason behind this. To my opinion, BITTANK LTD is a very promising program and it deserve investments from serious investors.

The main concept of BITTANK LTD is mining Bitcoin. The process is little complicated to make you understand but mining bit coin is a real profitable work and less riskier than forex. Although, BITTANK LTD may not offering real mining profits but they have decorated a very good website with all real components. It should look too real with a company certificate and Extended validate SSL. There are lot of peoples searching and investing in Cloud Bitcoin mining via various companies and if some of those peoples reach to BITTANK LTD then they'll definitely keep it ahead in the compare of other companies. However, the profit rates are high and that's why its a HYIP. And that's also another reason why people invest in HYIP. By the way, I've already praised about their website and it's really way different than other traditional HYIP. The menus and articles are also different as usual. On the other hand, There is no live chat support or virtual phone numbers which were necessary for this type of project. They've a YouTube channel with some video reviews but only 17 subscribers there (Ah, don't you know that you can buy subscribers easily from black hat market!) and it wasn't able to impress me.

BITTANK LTD is offering 3 simple and easily understandable investment plans - 0.04% to 0.09% per hour or 0.96% to 2.16% daily for 365 days. Minimum investment is started from $5 only and the maximum is $36,000.

From $5 to $349 investments will be earning 0.04% per hour means 0.96% daily. Total profit is 350% where the real profit is 250%. $350 to $1949 investments will earn 0.06% per hour or 1.44% daily for 365 days. Total profit is 525% and the real profit is 425%. $1950+ investments will earn 0.09% hourly or 2.16% daily and I the real profit is 688.4%.

The total profit at the end of the term is really attractive but I think these plans are suitable for big and medium investors. Small investors may not choose this plans. I'd suggest to choose the 2nd plan (but only if you afford to lose $350+) as the real profit will be start coming from the 70th days where it will took more than 104 days in the 1st plan. BITTANK LTD accept too many payment processors to invest here which is rear to see. They even accept more payment processors than real cloud mining companies.

BITTANK LTD is made of a custom script and you'll get a familiar member area here. You know, custom scripts are expensive but this member area may failed to impress you. By the way, BITTANK LTD is hosted on a OVH server who do not offer shared hosting service. So, BITTANK LTD is hosted on VPS or Dedicated server which can take load of many visitors at once. Extended Validate SSL present for secure connections and also the green bar is a beauty.

Finally, I have found a connection between BITTANK LTD and matrixbit from their DNS. There is a possibility that the creator of the both programs are same. But, this is not an discredit for BITTANK LTD as the matrixbit is also a reputable program and running from more than 700 days. Whether they've connection or not, BITTANK LTD is a program from a serious admin and we can hope a long life of this program. However, BITTANK LTD is a HYIP like another HYIP programs and may stop paying any day. So, please don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Join BITTANK LTD here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

CryptoSolutions Review (

Hello Readers,

Today I'm writing review about CryptoSolutions which was started on 7th Of April 2016 and added to AlexNews on 22th Of July 2017. CryptoSolutions is a “Big budget” HYIP and one of the most popular program right now. I've found a lot of investors has joined there already and many of those were with big amounts. It's look like CryptoSolutions have some factors which is able to attract investors and no doubt that the rally of investors will be continued. I'll try to analyze some 'factors' which are the key points of CryptoSolutions.

First of all, the admin of CryptoSolutions have shown their dedication about his program. This program is running from 477 days and investors always have some attraction on old programs. Unlike other old programs CryptoSolutions is still relied on their first investment plan (It has added more plans recently). As the program was started with some popular HYIP Monitors, it will be safe to say that the program is PAYING from 472 days without any scandals. That means CryptoSolutions have paid more than 30 cycles already and still going on.

Nowadays, CryptoSolutions is being monitored by almost all popular HYIP Monitors and trusted blogs . They've done a proper advertising and now it's look like more promising than the early ages. This is the big factor that CryptoSolutions is able to attract investors and that's why most of investors has joined very recently.

Finally, the design of their website has been changed recently. CryptoSolutions was started with the basic template comes with GC script. But they've changed the design just before the big promotional activities started. By the way, the current design looks rich and the website is very well built. A promotional video could be more impressive.

As I said, CryptoSolutions was started with one investment plan which is 1.5% daily for 30 days, principal back at the end of the term. There are more plans has been added recently which are 111% to 200% after 7 days, 125% to 500% after 15 days and up to 300% to 3000% after 75 days. There are 2 more VIP and special offers which looks very unpromising and I'd like to ignore those plans.

The key plan of CryptoSolutions 1.5% for 30 days which is running from the begging of the program. Min investment is started from $10 for this plan and the maximum is $1000. The net profit is 45% after 30 days which is fairly attractive for medium and big investments.

Small investors may choose the second plan which is 111% to 200% after 7 days. My high RCB offer will bring some extra money for you and you'll got a handsome amount from small investments. This plans is also attractive for medium and big investors who don't want to wait for 30 days. Even you'll got 0.5% extra in this plan but there will be no money in hand before 7 days.

If you're a big investor then you can try investing a small amount on 3rd plan which will pay 125% to 500% after 15 days. But, I'd like to suggest to ignore all other plans including VIP and special offers. By the way, CryptoSolutions accept PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer and AdvCash for investment and the withdrawal system is 'Manual' and may took up to 24 hours to get processed.

CryptoSolutions is based on GoldCoders script which is almost untouched. Using a custom script would be more impressive as many big programs used custom scripts nowadays. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from Terratransit Ag which is a popular out of the HYIP industry. Extended Validate SSL from COMODO for secure connection and the proof of being a certified company.

At last, I'd like to say that the admin of this program have spent his time and money for this program and tried his best to make the program looks promising from every aspects. This is a big program and we all know that most of big program pay for a long time. But, investors should be cautious and keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed in HYIP Industry. So, please invest less than you afford to lose.

Join CryptoSolutions here!

Request CryptoSolutions RCB here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Aurum Bank Review (

Hello Readers,

Do you want to be a part of a HYIP which are running from more than 2 years? Aurum Bank was started on 30th Of April 2015 and still running without any scandals. When we talk about an old program then the first question come to our mind that how long it will run more. Fortunately, this question has resolved more than 2 times already. First time on 7th Of December 2016 when it was started it's first big promotional activities over the HYIP industry. Second time on 1st Of March 2017 and finally before 45 - 50 days ago when it has started their biggest promotional activities. By the way, Aurum Bank was added to AlexNews on 2nd Of June 2017 and $200 were re-invested back into their program for monitoring purpose.

According to the allhyipmonitors it's one of the most searched program at their site and their threads on forums are the most viewed thread in HYIP category. These information are enough to tell about the popularity of Aurum Bank. This program was started with the default GC HYIP manager template, I don't remember the exact time when they've added the new design to their website but the current design is very impressive and classy. As I said it was started as a very simple program but right now it's one of the most big budget HYIPs. The admin has spent step by step and filled every requirement which was needed for a grand HYIP. Their website is fully compact, they have their own youtube channel with lot of video testimonial and they're very active on social media also. For communication, they have 24/7 active live chat support and working phone number also.

Aurum Bank was started with a flat investment plan - 0.8% daily for 260 business days but they've added more attractive plans later. Right now there are too many plans, but main plans are 0.8% daily for 260 business days and 1.1% daily for 110 business days. Principal will be back at the end of the term. Other plans are disappointing. 3% to 8% daily for 20 to 110 business days but the daily profits (and principal) can't be withdrawn before end of the term! I've never seen such a plan where daily profits can't be withdrawn on daily paying plans.

To be honest, 0.8% daily for 260 business days are too long in comparison of modern HYIP's plans. But keep in mind that this was the key plan of Aurum Bank and they're running from more than 2 years with this plan. 1.1% daily for 110 business days will provide less profit but still looks more attractive than 0.8% daily. Unfortunately, minimum investment is started from $350 in this plan.

Technical specifications of Aurum Bank are first class. Their website is hosted on DDoS guard which also provide very strong DDoS protection. Licensed GC script for known member area and optimum security. Extended validate SSL for the most secure connection.

Finally, I want to give a special thanks to the admin of Aurum Bank. These programs are like the backbone of HYIP industry. I appreciate their dedication about the program, running a HYIP for more than 2 years was never an easy work to do. Still, this program will not live forever and will be stopped on any given day. So, please don't invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Aurum Bank here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tea House Review (

Hello Readers,

Tea House is an “After Day” (short term) paying program which was started on 23rd Of December 2016 and added to AlexNews on 4th Of January 2017. It was listed on Basic Listing section from the first but they have upgraded their listing to the Sticky Listing on 13th Of February 2017. They also have added more monitors from 13th February and as I think they’ll done more advertising soon.

As you know, “After Day” programs always start with good advertising campaign. But Tea House was started with small promotional activities and was paying silently. Today, they have aged 62 days and look like a reliable program. It was the right time to start their promotional activities and the response of investors is also noticeable. Specially, from last 2 days I’ve seen a lot of investors were joined Tea House and many of them were big investors. I think it will become more popular in coming days.

Tea House was started with a basic design but has changed their design recently. The current design is very charming and creation of professional designers. All of their links and menus are working fine and every page has something different to show. I’ve not found any faults in their website and as I told it has the professional touch on every page. Communication is an important part of short term HYIPs and Tea House has a very good communication system. Their live chat person is very responsive and I found them online always. They have the phone support also but the call was not answered by a real person (yeah! I called there). They are also active on social media and have a channel on youtube (currently no videos available). The news page is also very active. The total on site presentation is impressive.

Investment plans are always the most important part for an “After Day” program and Tea House offering – 102.5% & 120% after 1 day, 114% to 220% after 5 days and up to 5000% (!) after 70 days. Surprisingly, there are no other sub-plans between 102.5% and 120% after 1 day. The minimum investment is started from $10 and all popular payment processors (PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, Advcash & Nixmoney) are accepted to make investment there.

After 1 day plan is always the most popular plan in any “After Day” program. Tea House is paying 102.5% after 1 day for investing from $10 to $500. No other plans for $501 to $20000. It’s look like that there were other “After 1 day” plans also but program owner has disappeared those temporarily/permanently. However, 102.5% after 1 day is still an attractive and a fair ROI in HYIP industry. 120% is out of reach as it required the minimum of $20001 to start with.

114% after 5 is also ‘OK’ for small and medium amounts but I strongly suggest to not to invest in other plans. Also, if you are not so expert in HYIPs then do not reinvest in same programs.

Build materials of Tea House are noticeable. Member area is based on GoldCoders script, Hosting and DDoS protection from Koddos. Tea House is registered as a private company in UK. Their extended validate SSL provides the identity of company and also provides the secure connection between the server and the user. In a word, every of those elements are top class and used to build qualitative HYIPs.

Finally, the creator/s of Tea House was always serious about their program and also they look very professional in this field. They have spent enough to build their program and for promotional activities. Tea House has collect a lot of investors already and able to run for a long time. Still, short term programs need an acceptable amount of investors on daily basis. It will be a wise decision to invest in this program when the flow of investors is stable. So, right now it’s a suitable time to invest here but please don’t more than you afford to lose.

Join Tea House here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Richmond Berks Review (

Hello Readers,

I hope you are doing well. It’s a very good time going on in HYIP industry. Many promising programs are launching regularly and I’ve found most of those are doing well. Today I’ll write about Richmond Berks which was started on 24th of November 2016 and added to AlexNews on 2nd of February 2017. Although this program was started 80 days ago but they have started their promotional activities from last 10 days. The result from last 10 days wasn’t outstanding but this program has everything to become popular in HYIP industry.

Richmond Berks has come with a different type of investment program. They are offering to buy (and invest via) a virtual currency called RBD – Richmond Berks Dollar. Generally you have to buy RBD which has the same value as dollar (1 RBD = 1 Dollar) and the value will not change in future. You have to invest in RBD and your profit will also count in RBD. When you’ll sell your earned (earned from daily interest) RBD you’ll receive dollars to your payment processor. However, these RBD has no other contribution is this program and don’t have a practical value. We have seen some other HYIPs which were offering to buy so called virtual currencies (or crypto-currencies) and the rate of those virtual currencies was increasing daily. Investors were making profit from those growing rates. In Richmond Berks, the rate of RBD will not change and they’ll provide the interests from their investment plan. By the way, the presentation of Richmond Berks is very impressive. They have a good looking website which is very different than other HYIPs and a lot of menu containing something new and useful information on every of those. There are a lot of video reviews also and a live chat option with automated messages.

Richmond Berks has only one simple investment plan – 1.4% daily for lifetime, 0.7% on Saturday and Sunday. Principal can be withdraw anytime but have to pay 50% of principal as a fine.

It will take around 42 days to earn 50% of your capital (if you invest on Sunday). So, if you withdraw your capital after 42 days then you’ll have no earning from your investment. According to this calculation we can tell that the real profit will be started from 43th days of investment. However, this is not a deal-breaking term, there are a lot of long term program where real profit starts after more than 50 days.

You’ll earn 8.4% per week from this plan and 100% of capital will be earned after 12 weeks. There is no condition that you have to withdraw your principal but if you withdraw your principal after 12 weeks then you’ll have around 50% net profit from your investment in Richmond Berks. It may not look so attractive at a glance but the profit ratio will be increased day by day. For example – if you withdraw your profit after 24 week then you’ll have 150% net profit from your investment which is 3X more in double time. In a word, this plan is suitable for a long term investment.

By the way, they have some other offers to earn more. There is a “Promo Code” and by using that promo code investors will get 3% bonus on their investments. And they are also offering bonuses (up to $110) for completing some steps -$10 for sign up, $50 for sharing on social media, $15 for completing profile, $10 for installing their mobile application and $10 for and $15 for verifying mobile number. There is also opportunity to earning $1 per affiliate signups. However, this bonuses are not available for withdraw instantly but you’ll get 0.05% profit daily from those bonuses. By the way, Richmond Berks is providing 10% referral commissions which are available to withdraw instantly.

Well, Richmond Berks has presented their program very professionally. They have spent a lot to build their program and also spent enough for the promotional activities. The bonus system will also help on their program’s promotion. The admin supposed to be serious about his project and tried his best to make a compact project. Investment plan and the promotional strategies are great and now it’s time to see the reaction of investors. I think Richmond Berks will run for a long time if they get proper support from investors, but please do not invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Richmond Berks here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Apex Investment Review (

Hello Readers,

It is difficult to see HYIP programs that have survived for more than 1-2 years and that is why I’m about to write about a program that has been running for an incredible 2384 days as at today called Apex Investment. Apex Investment started on 23rd Of July 2010 and was added to AlexNews on 22nd Of January 2017. This long term program has really surprised HYIP watchers as they have exceeded expectations and I am quite convinced that it has a lot more days to run because they have been consistent right from the beginning.

But, is it really running from 2010? I’ve found the thread on which is saying that Apex Investment is started on 2010 but not found any HYIP monitor or other trusted source that can ensure that this program is running from 2010. There are many HYIP monitors running from more than 7 years, but I can’t see any data about Apex Investment on those monitors. Another matter is the PerfectMoney account number (U7771865). This account number is claimed for Apex Investment but not really exist today. On the other hand, there were no HYIP program with same url ( in scam list of any old HYIP monitors and this can be a strong evidence for Apex Investment that they’re running from 2010.

Apex Investment has a well designed website which looks attractive when compared to some other HYIP websites. The homepage is awesome which clearly shows and tells almost everything you need to know about the program. A professional video presentation is also present. Sad to say that there is no live chat or phone number is provided for instant help or discussing about any investment & lifetime related questions. By the way, all the links seem to be working even though some of them just give some skeletal information like the news and update link and the loading seem to take long.

Apex Investment offers an investment plan that seems sustainable and the output depend on the amount you deposit. The plan offers 3% daily for 60 calendar days. Here the minimum deposit is $5 which means that you can start earning even with $5 which is little uncommon in long term HYIPs. 180% is the total profit where 80% is the net profit in this plan. This is an attractive plan for both small and big investors. Note that investors can transact using PerfectMoney, BitCoin or Payeer depending on the one that suits them most, you are at liberty to choose any.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Apex Investment website is well designed and boast of DDos protection to keep all information safe and prevent DDos attacks. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with a guarantee of up to 99% uptime. Besides, you have a secured transaction powered by an Extended Validate SSL certificate which offers the highest level of trust and authentication.

Finally, this program may started on 2010 or not, but I am almost sure that the admin of this program is in HYIP industry from many years. He has presented a surprising twist for us and he must be enough serious about this project. He has running a good advertising campaign and no doubt that Apex Investment is a big budget program. However, please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Apex Investment here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Right Rise Review (

Hello Readers,

Today I want to reintroduce a program called Right Rise. It was started on 29th of October 2016 and added to AlexNews on 12th of November 2016. This is a big budget program and was launched with some very popular monitors. There are already many big investors has joined this program and joining are still going on. Let’s see what is the opportunity is being offered by Right Rise.

Right Rise has an attractive website and it’s little different than other traditional HYIP templates. Most of program highlights their investment plans in the homepage but Right Rise has paid attention to the quality of design. By the way, investment plans are also described well at their homepage and it would be good to create a dedicated page describing their plans. Unfortunately, there are no live chat agents that you can learn more about their investment plans but they have phone numbers, support form and an unpopular messenger named “telegram” to chat live. Well, visitors will really like their webpage and it would be more impressive if they would add a video presentation also.

Right Rise has a different type of investment plan. Actually it’s not an investment plan, you have to buy shares from then which cost $30 for one share and will earn 1% to 3% variable interest daily. If I write it like HYIP investment plan then it’s 1% to 3% daily for an unlimited time. Minimum deposit is $30 and there is no maximum. There is no way to withdraw the principal after a specific time. There is a booster system to boost your daily interest which required some additional tasks like bringing referrals while investing big amounts and investing daily. I don’t think boosting interest will not be an easy task for general investors. So, you have to be happy with their regular interests per day.

We have seen many programs with same investment plans even my last review about XABO was offering almost same plan. The difference is here you’ll be paid for life long (not your life, it’s program’s life. Lol). Well, there is no information about average paying percent per day but from last 6 days I’ve measured that the floating interest will be around 1.5% per day. No doubt this is a long term investment plan and investing a big amount will bring a fair profit here. Fortunately, most of profit share programs live for long time specially which launched with some dependable HYIP monitors.

I’ve already talked about the build quality which was quite good. Other technical specifications are also impressive. The member area is based on a custom script and it was built nicely with a clean and easily understandable interface. I can see many additional menus which were not present in common HYIP scripts. Hosting and DDoS protection is taken from CloudFlare and the website load very fast. Extended Validate SSL from COMODO which not only provide a secure connection but also give a standard look for a website. In a word, their website looks professional from the inside and outside also.

Finally, there is no doubt that the admin is enough serious about their project and also I can see that they are updating their website daily with latest news and adding more features. The project is aged only 41 days and from my experience this kinds of project run for a long time. It’s somehow safe to say that this is a promising program to invest. We should keep faith on big projects and I’ll suggest you to join Right Rise if you are looking to invest in a HYIP by accepting the common risks. But, please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join Right Rise here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

XABO Review (

Hello Readers,

I hope you are doing well. Nowadays, no HYIP programs are surviving for a longer time. Even the most promising looking programs are being scam in a short time. Today I want to write about a program called XABO which is running from 172 days. XABO was started on 29th of May 2016 and added to AlexNews on 11th of November 2016. I’ve reviewed several old programs recently but most of those were started with a “small daily paying plans” and then was switched to high profit paying plan. But XABO is still running on same plan which it was started with. I believe that this program is still able to run for more days.

There are some simple logics behind my opinion about XABO. This program was started very silently although some HYIP Monitors has added this program for free from the first. But program admin was not purchased any of HYIP monitors from the first. They have added few monitors on 2nd week after they’ve started and from then they are adding monitors occasionally. On the other hand they are also doing huge advertising nowadays. No doubt that they’re collecting good amount of investors right now. As I think their advertising campaign will run for long time and there are also many popular monitors are remaining to add for promoting their program. Normally, a HYIP program don’t run away when their advertising campaign are running and these kinds of programs always do the best advertising over the HYIP Industry. These logics are simple calculation but may not always happen in real but we have to accept this risk to make profit in HYIP Industry.

XABO is offering a flexible earning percentage which is up to 5% daily until you capital reach to 150%. Minimum investment is started from $10. Since last 172 days their average daily profit was 2.98% daily. In this speed it will took around 50 days to reach the capital at 150%. 2.98% is a standard rate but investors can earn more by spending big amounts. From $10 to $1000 investments will get the standard rate and from $1001 to $5000 investments will earn 1.05% more than a standard daily paying rate. If XABO pay 2% profit tomorrow then an investors with $1000+ investments will get 2x1.05 = 2.1% profit tomorrow.

We’ve seen many programs which pay variable earning percentage. Fortunately, most of those were run for long time and were a successful program for investors. No doubt that this plans attract big and serious investors but may not attract small investors. However, 50% net profit in 50 days is still an attractive plan and not less than that a standard HYIP pay. This is also profitable for medium investors but keep in mind that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $1. If you invest too small like $10 - $30 then you may not able to withdraw your earnings daily. By the way, all payouts get processed instantly.

The website of XABO looks ok but missing a background color/image. When I opened their website first time I thought it wasn’t loaded fully but I got confirmed after 2-3 reloads. The homepage has all necessary information including average daily paying rate and details of investment plans. There is a video presentation provided and some video testimonial is available also. The member area is based on a custom made script and it’s designed well. The member area is also provides good details of investments and profit rates. Website is hosted on DDoS Guard which also provides strong DDoS protection. Standard SSL is available but an extended validate ssl could be more impressive.

Well, XABO has spent enough money to build their website and now spending for promotional campaign. No doubt that it’s a big budget program. If you are regular in HYIP industry then I’m sure that you have not missed their ads. As I said they’re collecting good amount of investors right now but sometimes huge investors join in a program at once and program admin run away because he doesn’t expect for more money. But right now there are not so many investors exist in HYIP industry and XABO hasn’t collected too enough yet. It may be safe to join this program now but please don’t invest more than you afford to lose.

Join XABO here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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