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How To Control Losses In HYIP Part 2

Hello Readers,

In my last article I was described How to control losses in hyip . I hope it was useful for you. All those were about newly open HYIP programs. Now, I want to discuss about old HYIP programs which already have those requirements (which I was wrote in my previous article). If you haven't read my previous article then please read that first from “HERE “.

When I was a newcomer in HYIP world I was looked for old HYIP programs which were paying from many days. Specially for short-term and mid-term programs. I thought which program is paying from 80-90 days will be paying for more 1-10 days for sure. But, this trick was failed maximum times. So, I start investing in new HYIPs only. In next some months I found some tricks that I was able to understand that which program will be paying for more days and which will be stopped soon. Althought, it's not work 100% accurately but at least it will help to understand that which program will be scammed soon. So, you'll when to invest in a HYIP program.

At first, let's see which old short term programs can pay for more days. We always see that big HYIP program comes with big promotional activities. Some of them get scammed in few days and some of them get quiet but keep paying. A promising program which was started with big promotional activities will do another advertising before it stopped paying. Also some HYIP programs started quietly but do huge advertising before they stopped paying. Advertising sessions are important for investors also. When you see huge advertising for a program you can choose that for investment. But, Investments also should done when advertising started. Avoid a program which is being advertised from many days. So, whether a program is new or old you can chose it when it start advertising. Even, an old program which has started advertising newly is better than a newly open program. That's why some HYIP admin start their program quietly, make it old and then start advertising newly. Keep in mind that this trick is for short term program only, also can work for short-mid term programs. Don't use this trick for long term programs.

For a long term program, give priority to its first advertising session. If a program's plans are like X% daily for 80 days, and age is like 10-12 days and it start advertising then you can choose that for investments. But if it starts advertising newly after 80-100 days then you should avoid it. The late advertising session is a sign that program is going to stopped paying soon. Soon means they can pay for more 1 - 15 days (may be more days), but if the term is for 80 days then it's not going to fill another term after last advertising session. Its mean they want to collect some money before they stop paying

Now, get a 100% working tricks to know which program is going to stopped paying for sure. You can know it from the changing investment plans. A short term program can become a long term program by changing plans, also a long term can become short term. But you should monitor it carefully, check if the program has changed their plans. If a long term programs become a short term program by changing its plans, then it's a sign of stopped paying soon. But, If a program make a new attractive plan (mostly short term and huge profitable) which called V.I.P plans then just forget about that program. If a program has a V.I.P plans, it's mean that admin is waiting for some V.I.P investors to close his program. So, never choose any V.I.P plan or huge profitable plan.

This is all for today. I hope now you'll be able to recognize a HYIP program very well. In my next article I'll write about HYIP monitors which are the most important part of HYIP world, and your knowledge will not be full-fill before you know about those. I'll write about those very soon. Till then make your analyze according to your earned knowledge about HYIPs.

( Don't hesitate to reply if you want to know something specific, I'll add it at my next article )

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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  1. Hello. It's very good article. I want to askone thing. For example, lets take Grandagrofinance. I like their V.I.P. plan fo 33 hours. You think, that i wouldn't get my money back if i'll invest in thisplan? Advantage of this plan is hourly payments.

  2. Hello @Pavel Andreev : thank you for reading our article! so you want to know about GrandAgroFinance you should visit our monitor section for more details of projects. its already 5 days when i changed status of GrandAgroFinance from Paying to NotPaying. Don't Invest any single cent in it stay away from this project!

  3. yeah i too lost my money because of investing in closing time

  4. Hello Alex. The article is very good. I want to invest in MS Investments a HYIP which is paying almost 7 years. But the PM Account for the HYIP is 9 months old. Can you please help me on this

  5. Hello Alex I would like to invest on Oceana Finance. Can you suggest this?

  6. Really it is informative and useful information for those persons who intend to invest in HYIP programs.

  7. Hi mate,

    HYIP industry was gone slow after Liberty Reserve gone. and it was recovered very well in next 2 months. It was gone slow again when Perfect Money and Egopay reject US clients.

    But, it has started growing again when PAYEER and BitCoin added to HYIP industry. Specially, from last September HYIP has found a strong base. PAYEER has credit card funding option and Bit Coin also got much popularity now for funding HYIPs. So, US clients are now totally active in HYIP industry now.

    Overall situation is positive in HYIP industry now. also from my personal experience I've seen that HYIP industry is related with US economy, and US economy is at it's peak right now. So, HYIP industry has also running very well now.

    still it's a critical time cause of Christmas. I hope HYIPs industry will be more active from 2015. you were an ex admin and I think it's a good time to back again. just wait till Christmas and back again with short term program. I believe there are many big admins and investors are active in HYIP industry right now.

    don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information or help from me.
    thank you

  8. Please I am a new investor. I invested in EU5 which has stopped paying. Please how could I recover my investment principal from EU5? Kindly advise. Thank you.

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