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Crypto Strategy Review (

Hello Readers,

I hope all HYIP investors are back to HYIP world already and searching for a suitable program to invest. If you’ve visited AlexNews recently then you might see a new program named Crypto Strategy was added on 10th of January 2015 in Sticky listing and $300 were reinvested back into the project for monitoring purpose. Crypto Strategy was started on 20th of October 2014 and was running silently. Recently they’ve listed themselves to many monitors and being advertised on different sites. Let’s see the opportunities in Crypto Strategy.

First of all, the homepage of Crypto Strategy looks nice and professional. Investment plans and referral commissions are nicely described there. Also 6 kinds of certificates have made the site more standard. Other pages are also full with relative information and the F.A.Q page is customized very well with 54 questions and answers, where you can find your desired answer easily. Video presentation (uploaded on YouTube), the social plug-ins, and a certificate about their company (which can found on the bottom-right corner) has increased the impression of their program. The design is unique, domain is relevant with HYIPs and valid for 5 years. Unfortunately, they don’t have any live support on site, but they’ve phone support and email support as usual.

Crypto Strategy has 2 kinds of investment plans right now. Daily paying plans and After day plans. Daily paying plans are as 3%, 3.5% and 4% daily for 90 days and principal returns after end of the terms. Minimum investments has started from $50 for 3% daily, $5000 for 3.5% daily and $10000 for 4% daily for 90 days. Needless to say that the 3% daily plan is the key plan in Daily paying plans. $5000 and $10000 is not an ideal amount to invest in HYIPs, so we’ll focus on the 3% daily for 90 days.

Daily paying plans are really attractive and extremely profitable if you calculate with principal, even without the principal. With 3% daily for 90 days we will get 270% already without the principal and if we return back our principal after end of the term then the total will be 370%! If we calculate the risk ratio then 99% of our capital will be back in 33 days, then the profits will start from the 34th days.

After day plans are as 750%, 850% and 1000% after 75 days. Minimum investments has started from $50 for 750% but $5000 and $10000 for 850% and 1000%. Although, 75 days are a very long time for after day plans but $50 might be affordable for some investors to take a risk for 750% after 75 days. I always say that invest less than you afford to lose, but in this plan ( 750% after 75 days ) you’ve to invest an amount which is less than your daily personal spending (like which you spend for drinking coffee daily). If program survive for more than 75 days then your daily personal spending will return as your weekly spending.

By the way, when Crypto Strategy was started their plan was as 3% weekly for lifetime. I don’t know exactly when they were changed their plan. So, I’m not sure if they’ve completed any cycle for After day plans thought they’ve passed 84 days till today.

Crypto Strategy accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and BitCoin for investments, but they were only accepting PerfectMoney from the starting. They’ve added more 3 popular payment processors later. Referral commissions are 5 level which are 5%-3%-2%-1%-1%, commissions started from 12% for their representatives. Deposits are instant there and payouts get processed manually.

Technical specifications of Crypto Strategy are top in quality. Extended validate SSL from COMODO CA which is most popular in HYIP industry and the big green SSL bar has made their site more impressive. Hosted on DanCom hosting which provides “speed boost” service for websites by which sites load faster and can take more loads of visitors. DDOS protections are from DDOS-GUARD.NET which is also popular in HYIP industry. They’re using a licensed script from GoldCoders, so there is no risk of backdoors or hacking. Also the site is verified and scanned (maleware) by Trustwave, Norton, GeoTrust, TRUSTe and McAfee. Isn’t it more than enough?

Finally, Crypto Strategy has shown some dexterity in their advertising strategy. They were started with an weekly plan and has got stable first with less (but popular) monitors. Very recently they’ve added many monitors and started advertising over HYIP industry. The admin of Crypto Strategy is wise and experienced and he knows the current situation of HYIP industry. That’s why he has started his promotional activities at the correct time when the industry is fully active. I like their all strategies but there is a long way to go, hope that Crypto Strategy will complete the cycles of daily paying plan. Program is promising and profitable don’t forget about the risk of HYIPs and invest less than you can afford to lose.

Join Crypto Strategy here!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Alex Vegas
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  1. Usually all of those scams , few days before the investment circle will end, they are collapsing. The average of HYIP have disappeared after the 90th day. So any amount of money you have invested in any investment circle is doomed and you loose your money.
    All of those fake investment companies use high investment circle (Or in a plain English) they release your capital after a long period to have enough time to bail out with your money. If for example one X hyip have one investment plan for 100 days and allows to deposit $1000 minimum and they give 3.5% daily which is attractive for the investor , so a lots of investors will be attracted , then they will collect a lots of money. People who arrive later, are the losers.
    They will pay at the end of the first investment circle just gain some trust to attract more victims and then , they will disappear with the excuse the site is down for technical issues or they upgrade or they lost their database and all of those bullshits are just to steal you (of you gave away your money to them). All of those LLCs companies or offshore ghost companies or just one site company is an industry of thieves which working with different names and sites , but in fact is the same lobby of scams.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thank you very much for the great info you always provide us with. It's a pleasure to read your page.

    I'm a bit dubious about this guys, and the reason is the following:

    On their facebook page, there is backdated post from the 20th of November in which they claim "Exactly one month ago, CryptoStrategy Limited launched an investment direction and started taking deposits from individuals and companies.."
    However the Limited Company was only formed on the 24th of November.So that one month before would have been the 20th of October:
    Either they started trading without the Ltd company (in that case I would like to know how/why), they got their dates messed up (which I would find quite amateurish) or they are lying (which would be quite worrying).

    Certificate of Incorporation:

    What do you think? am I being too paranoid?

  3. Having analysed their twitter followers..... 97% fake... Should the bells be ringing?


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